Social inclusion

Main aim: to promote the participation of youth in sport regardless of disability, ethnicity/race, gender, socio-economic status, location, or other background characteristics through building a strategic network, creating tangible opportunities, and engaging in key chances for advocacy.

Space and Participation for All

Moving Rural Youth Forward

Equality of All Genders

Inclusive Societies

Inclusion working group is particularly working with the following target groups:

1. Youth with intellectual, physical and visual disabilities 2. Youth from different ethnic minorities
3. Youth with different gender identities
4. Children (18 years and under)

Aim for 2023

  • Active collaboration with stakeholders, NGO’s, other relevant institutions in the field in order to forge strategic changes for target groups and their ability to participate equally in sports and sport governing bodies.

  • Creating opportunities (projects, events, workshops) for each of the target groups using sport as a tool for social inclusion as well as ensuring social inclusion within grassroot sports.

  • Raising awareness of the current barriers and abilities to overcome these challenges through ENGSO Youth policy/position papers and advocacy for change during relevant events.