ENGSO Youth Committee

ENGSO Youth team is composed of the Chair, Vice-Chair, seven Committee Members, staff and 25 Young Delegates.

The 2021-2023 ENGSO Youth Committee

Ugne Chmeliauskaite, Chair

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ENGSO member I represent: Lithuanian Union of Sports Federations  


Profession/studies: Expert on International Development Cooperation


Special areas of competence: Development cooperation; International relations; Youth empowerment; Social inclusion; Non-formal education; Training and facilitation; Project management  


Favourite sport: Field Hockey  


Favourite Global Goal (SDG), and why: 17, Partnership for the goals. Because only together we can make the difference!


Favourite motivation quote: “The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing” – Walt Disney

Filip Filipic, Vice-Chair

ENGSO member I represent: Olympic Committee of Serbia 


Profession/studies: Senior Technical Project Manager 


Special areas of competence: Non-formal Education; Employability; Volunteering; SDGs; Innovation; Project Management


Favourite sport: Swimming 


Favourite Global Goal (SDG), and why: “4. Quality Education”, because it lays the foundation for achieving many other SDGs. 


Favourite motivation quote: “Success tomorrow starts today”

Henrietta Weinberg , Committee member

ENGSO member I represent: German Sports Youth (dsj)


Profession/studies: Sports Psychology


Special areas of competence: Volunteering, Non-formal Education, Mental Health, Gender Equality


Favourite sport: judo


Favourite Global Goal (SDG), and why: quality education, because it forms the basis for joint advancement. 


Favourite motivation quote: “If there is effort, there is always accomplishment.” – Jigoro Kano 

Anett Fodor, Committee member

ENGSO member I represent: Hungarian Competitive Sport Federation


Profession/studies: Sport Management Msc 


Special areas of competence: event management, volunteer management, sport for development, gender equality 


Favourite sport: water polo, swimming, kickboxing 


Favourite Global Goal (SDG), and why: Quality Education, because this could be the solution for all the other challenges in the world. 


Favourite motivation quote: “Travel is not reward for working, it’s education for living. “

Iva Glibo, Committee member

ENGSO member I represent: Croatian Olympic Committee 


Profession/studies: Research Associate and PhD Candidate at the Technical University of Munich 


Special areas of competence: sustainable development, physical activity and mental health, monitoring and evaluation 


Favourite sport: Baton twirling 


Favourite Global Goal (SDG), and why: SDG 13 climate action: I think it is the most urgent one. 


Favourite motivation quote:  “Nigdar ni tak bilo da ni nekak bilo, pak ni vezda nebu da nam nekak nebu.” Miroslav Krleža

Pál Vitalis Joensen Oly, Committee member

ENGSO member I represent: Faroese Confederation of Sports and Olympic Committee

Profession/studies: Account Executive at software company

Special areas of competence: personal data protection, business development and project management 

Favourite sport: swimming 


Favourite Global Goal (SDG), and why: gender equality, because I have two daughters that should get the same opportunities in sport, carreer and in life as myself


Favourite motivation quote: “He who has a Why to live for can bear almost any How.”- Nietzsche

Sofie Korbee, Committee member

ENGSO member I represent: The Netherlands Olympic Committee*National Sport Federation (NOC*NSF)


Profession/studies: Project leader Event Policy / MA Communication and Information Sciences and BSc Sport Sciences


Special areas of competence: Policy advice on and evaluation of impact of international sports events, grassroots sports participation monitoring, communication and sport for development.


Favourite sport: windsurfing and cycling


Favourite Global Goal (SDG), and why: gender equality, because everyone deserves equal chances!


Favourite motivation quote: “Always try to move a little bit further in life. Trust yourself, you can fly very high.” – Lewis Hamilton

Luka Antonia Börger, Committee member

ENGSO member I represent: French National Olympic Committee (CNOSF)

Profession/studies: Project officer international relations and youth work

Special areas of competence: German-french relations, international youth projects, non-formal education Favourite sport: swimming and badminton

Favourite sport: swimming and badminton

Favourite Global Goal (SDG), and why: Quality Education, because equal education for all sets the foundation.


Favourite motivation quote: “Seul on va plus vite, ensemble on va plus loin” (African saying)