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We speak out through position papers and statements on the current issues, affecting youth and sport in Europe. ENGSO Youth also provides updates, information and good practices on European developments in the youth and sport sector through publications, newsletters and website and helps its members develop their own youth structure.

Sport diplomacy

Ey Position Paper 3

Youth participation in sport organisations: quo vadis?


Since 2001, the Eurobarometer surveys on the topic of “youth participation” have systematically shown that sport clubs are the preferred space for young people’s participation. 

Eysp Conclusions

Conclusions of the European Youth & Sport Platform 2023


The present document puts forward the voices and ideas of the young participants in a set of recommendations to be addressed to decision-makers and youth and sport stakeholders at all levels. We strongly encourage the EU, its Member States, and the Youth and Sport Stakeholders to join efforts in addressing the recommendations hereby issued by the Young representatives.

European Sport Model

ENGSO position paper on European Sport Model


In 2022, the European Sport Model was a widely discussed topic. The European Parliament had addressed it through a survey and resulting from this, a report on the Future of Sports Policy in Europe. The Council of Europe had addressed it in the update of the Sports Charter. And Europe had heard of it when the European Super League had made an appearance on the news.


Mental Health And Youth Sport

Mental Health and Youth Sport


By April 2020, over 90% of enrolled learners (1.5 billion young people) worldwide were denied their usual educational opportunities. With school closures and cancelled cultural and sport events, many adolescents are missing out on some of the biggest moments of their young lives — as well as everyday moments like chatting with friends and participating in sport and physical activity.

Social inclusion

Safeguarding Children And Youth In Sport

Safeguarding Children and Youth in Sport


Various studies show that children and youngsters can be subject to different forms of violence in sport, which can lead to lifelong consequences on their emotional, physical and psychological health and personal development. Sexual harassment, physical violence, verbal abuse, bullying and neglect are just a few examples that can deeply affect minors’ participation in sport activites. 

Education & employability

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Recognition and validation of skills for youth gained through sports


Education, as a lifelong process, enables the continuous development of a person’s capabilities as an individual and as a member of society, and can take different forms. Beside formal education, self-regulated learning, context-bound learning, lifelong learning, informal learning and non-formal learning became basic elements of education.

Sustainable development

Youth Sport And Climate Action

Position paper: youth sport for climate action - where are we now?


Due to the global interest around sport and its media coverage, sport can influence millions of people around the globe, and lead by example as it reexamines its own practices and policies to move fans and society towards a more sustainable future within and beyond the sporting field and we are happy to see this happening.

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Sport As A Human Right

Sport as a Human Right?

Millions of people all over the world are affected by forced displacement due to conflicts, human rights violations, harassment, national...

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Mental Health and Youth Sport