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Youth for Youth's Mental Health through Physical Activity

January 2023 – June 2025

In the past couple of years, the mental health of young people, particularly teenagers, has been declining. The HOORAY(Youth for Youth’s Mental Health through Physical Activity) project aims to address this challenge by exploring the impact and positive influence physical activity and sport can have on improving the overall well-being and mental health of young people

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Based on the EU Physical Activity Guidelines, the project team will collect good practices, and develop educational resources and an online knowledge hub for physical education teachers, youth workers, coaches, parents and other personnel working with teens that want to put more attention on mental health and health enhancing physical activity, and prioritize participation and well-being of youth over performance, pressure and results. 


Those resources and activities will target both, youngsters that are already physically active or enrolled in sport activities, and those who have been inactive and/or dropping out of sport. Young people will play a key role as we will take a closer look at physical activity through the lens of teenagers and explore how they perceive sport and its impact on their well-being. 


What works? Understanding the relationships between sport, physical activity and mental health

Youth voices: how do adolescents perceive physical activities that support mental health

Compendium of practices across EU & self-review framework

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