ENGSO Youth staff

Meet the team behind ENGSO Youth's daily operations in the fields of policy, projects, communication, design and internal strengthening.

ENGSO Youth staff

Polona Fonda, Communication Officer 

[email protected]


Profession/studies: Graphic and interactive communications


Special areas of competence: communications and digital marketing for sport for development and sport for all


Favourite sport: ski touring, enduro mountain bike, Olympic weightlifting


Favourite Global Goal (SDG), and why: 17 – Partnerships for the goals; we can only achieve SDGs if we work together towards a common goal.  


Favourite motivation quote: When nothing is certain, everything is possible. 

Tiago Guilherme, Policy and projects manager

[email protected]


Profession/studies: Political Science and International Relations


Special areas of competence: Youth, Sport, EU Affairs and Foreign Policy.


Favourite sport: Football, Cycling, Surf, and Skateboard


Favourite Global Goal (SDG), and why:

SDG 4: Quality Education. Quality Education is the cornerstone of all humanity, the one that give us the ability to address all other SDG’s in a forward-looking manner, and upon which we become the change we want to see in the world. 


Favourite motivation quote:

“We should have the humility to acknowledge the essential role of other actors, while maintaining full awareness of our unique convening power” – António Guterres


[email protected]


Profession/studies: Audiovisual communication and Graphic Design


Special areas of competence: Communications and digital marketing for sport development.


Favourite sport: Roller skating


Favourite Global Goal (SDG), and why:

4, Quality Education. Everyone has the right to build their own opinion!


Favourite motivation quote:

If you can do it today don’t wait until tomorrow.


[email protected]


Profession/studies: International Cooperation and Development


Special areas of competence: Erasmus+ Youth field, Volunteering, Non formal Education


Favourite sport:Volleyball


Favourite Global Goal (SDG), and why:

Goal n5 – to build the basis of freedom of choice.


Favourite motivation quote:

“Without haste but without rest” – Goethe


Profession/studies: Practical Linguistics and Copywriting


Special areas of competence: Membership and community management, partnership building, volunteering, youth mobility


Favourite sport: Hammer throw


Favourite Global Goal (SDG), and why:

I believe inclusive and equitable quality education is a perfect tool for achieving the rest of the Sustainable Development Goals


Favourite motivation quote:

“Be the change you wish to see in the world”


[email protected]


Profession/studies: Sports management


Special areas of competence: Sport for development, sport and physical activity, mental health, non-formal education, employability, social inclusion, training and facilitation, project management


Favourite sport: Athletics and snowboarding


Favourite Global Goal (SDG), and why:

SDG 10 (Reduce Inequalities). Everyone is worth to have the chance to be recognized and respected


Favourite motivation quote:

“If you don’t risk anything, you risk even more.”

Ringa Baltrušaitė, ENGSO Youth Secretariat

[email protected]


Profession/studies: Secretary General of Lithuanian Sport Federations Union


Special areas of competence: Administration


Favourite sport:kyudo (japanese archery) and swimming


Favourite Global Goal (SDG), and why:

7. Affordable and clean energy. Energy is one of the extremly important elements of the daily life. It is limited. Without energy the world would not function. We need to take care of it.


Favourite motivation quote:

If you want to be happy, be.


Lithuanian Union of Sports Federations


Lithuanian ENGSO member organisation – Lithuanian Union of Sports Federations – was established in 1992. It is an umbrella organisation for 73 national sport federations in Lithuania, being one of the widest sport organisation in the country.


Lithuanian Union of Sports Federations works closely with the National Olympic Committee, Ministry of Education, Science and Sport of the Republic of Lithuania, Lithuanian Sports University. Member organisation actively participates in ERASMUS+ programme and promotes youth sports in the daily work.