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Training toolkits

We speak out through position papers and statements on the current issues, affecting youth and sport in Europe. ENGSO Youth also provides updates, information and good practices on European developments in the youth and sport sector through publications, newsletters and website and helps its members develop their own youth structure.


More training tools can be found at: https://www.engso-education.eu

Social inclusion

Human Rights Education Through Sport Programme

Manual on Human Rights Education through Sport


Human Rights Education through Sport manual includes playful and meaningful non-formal education physical activities and exercises with a common goal: to highlight and educate young people to access their rights, Human Rights, through sport. 

Step In For Inclusion

#StepInForInclusion toolkit: sport for social inclusion of youngsters with disabilities


The toolkit is targeted towards organizations from the European youth and sport sectors and individuals (e.g. youth leaders and youth workers, sport coaches and NGO staff) who want to harness the potential of sport for social inclusion of youngsters with disabilities.

Sportinig Inclusion And Diversity

Sporting Inclusion and Diversity (SPIDI) video manual


Sport represents an educational avenue that can equip disadvantaged youngsters with skills, competences and it helps to build social capital. SPIDI video manual includes fun and simple games which facilitate inclusion (through sport). The activities are easy to adapt to any location, timing, number of people or equipment and tools available.

Sustainable development

Move4nature Project

Move4Nature toolkit


Environmental pollution, among other factors also caused by the mismanagement of waste by humans and their actions, is the World’s greatest issue that is causing a serious health impact on human population and living organisms. Sport has a role in adressing and tackling this issue. 

Sustainable Sport Events 2

Guidelines for More Sustainable Local Sports Events for Youth Leaders


Sport organisations are increasingly aware of environmental sustainability when organising their events due to their potential to damage the environment but also the potential to contribute to environmental protection. Sport events imply resource consumption, the potential for a massive carbon footprint and the potential danger to flora and fauna of the event host, to name a few potential environmental issues.

Sport For Sustainable Develoopment

Score All 17 toolkit: Sport for Sustainable Development project


ENGSO Youth recognizes the growing contribution of sport to the realization of development and peace in its promotion of tolerance and respect and the contributions it makes to the empowerment of women and of young people, individuals and communities as well as to health, education and social inclusion objectives. That is why, within the framework of the SDD project, we have developed the training manual for delivering the Sustainable Development Goals workshop, entitled “Score All 17”.

Education & employability

Engso Youth Sk4ys

Skills for You(th) through Sport handbook


The handbook aims to raise awareness on the transferable skills that sport-based educational activities can develop for young people – especially those not in employment, education or training. The publication is preliminarily addressing youth and sport organizations that aim to deliver programs that can boost certain soft skills of youngsters from fewer opportunities backgrounds.

Sport diplomacy

Sport For Active Citizenship

Sport for Active Citizenship toolkit


Thirty-five young leaders were introduced to the ‘Have Your Say!’ manual, and through participatory workshop helped its adaptation to the sporting context. This Toolkit is a result of their collaborative work. The Toolkit includes some theoretical reflections on how sport can be a learning tool for active citizenship, democratic participation, and how it can contribute to more inclusive communities.