Engso Youth Football

Giving youth a real say in sport

We develop, implement and work on projects, events, education and initatives in the field of the European youth and sport-for-all sector. Our work is divided into five working groups; social inclusion, education and employability, sport diplomacy, health and sustainable development.

Definition of organised grassroots sport

“Organised physical and sport activity practiced by people of all ages at a non-professional level and regardless of skills and ambitions. The activities are carried out on a regular basis for health, educa- tional, social purposes and the enjoyment of movement and sense of belonging.”

We use youth sport to build a better world

ENGSO Youth works in partnership with the European Union, the Council of Europe, the European Youth Forum and other European and international organisations to represent the voice of youth sport and lobby for the support of the European youth sport sector.


We speak out through position papers and statements on the current issues, affecting youth and sport in Europe. ENGSO Youth also provides updates, information and good practices on European developments in the youth and sport sector through publications, newsletters and website and helps its members develop their own youth structure. Lastly, presenting Youth voice via European Youth and Sport Platform final recommendation paper. 


Each year we coordinate and support projects and global project networks. We regularly share training tools for and by young Europeans, such as Skills for You(th) through Sport handbook, Sport for Active Citizenship toolkit, COMEin project Inclusive sport programme toolkit, YOU(Th) for sustainable development sustainability guidelines, and more. 


We also organise events to provide opportunities for young Europeans to participate and contribute to the European youth sport movement: various International activities, such as Sports Empowers Disabled Youth (2016, Itay), Sporting Inclusion and Diversity (2020, Lithuania), Step in for Inclusion (2021, Portugal), YOU(th) for sustainable sport (2022, Italy), DigiSport (2023, Sweden); annual events, such as ENGSO Youth Birthday celebration, European Sport Platform and General Assembly and bi-annual event – European Youth and Sport Platform. 


We represent the voice of youth sport in Europe.


We provide support, advice and guidance to individuals and organisations.


We coordinate projects and transnational project networks.


We organise events to provide opportunities for young Europeans.