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ENGSO Youth Alumni Club

The ENGSO Youth Alumni Club connects alumni members of ENGSO Youth with an aim to inspire, feel connected to the organisation, to support and advise on the development of ENGSO Youth and to represent and share expert opinion on the ENGSO Youth working fields: Youth empowerment, Sustainability, Sport diplomacy, Health, Education&Employability, Social Inclusion by, for and through Grassroots Sports.

Current members of our Alumni Club


Dr. Paolo Emilio Adami

Medical Manager, Health and Science Department, World Athletics
Sports Medicine, Exercise Physiology, Thermophysiology, Sustainability and Air Quality, Prevention of Abuse and Harassment in Sport, HEPA



Freelance faciliator (Non-Formal Education/Gestalt-oriented Organisation Development)
Youth empowerment, Education & Employability, Education through sports
Anett Fodor



Freelancer Sports Event & Project Manager
Event management, volunteering, youth empowerment, ETS



Managing Director of the Budapest Sports Service Provider Public Nonprofit Ltd, President of the Budapest Association for International Sports
Sports diplomacy, EU sport and youth policies, project management



Research Associate, Technical University of Munich
Sustainable development in sport organisations

Anna Martirosyan

Physical therapist, lecturer at ASIPCS
Healthy, sport, digital rehabilitation
rachel may mhor outdoor



Founding Director of Mhor Outdoor
Social inclusion; diversity; inclusion in the outdoors; mountain leadership



ENGSO Project and Equality Officer
Equality and diversity, EU projects, social and political sciences
Ivana Pranjić

Ivana Pranjić

Lecturer in Sports Diplomacy at Faculty of Kinesiology, University of Zagreb; Project Manager at WSF (Worldsnowboard Federation), IOC Safeguarding in Sport Officer
Sports diplomacy, Safeguarding in Sport
Richardson Dillon - Headshot full


World Para Powerlifting Development Manager, International Paralympic Committee
Education, Para Sport, Sport Development, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Christian Saleh Hajj

Lecturer in Sports History, Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1
PE & Olympic Education, Volunteering, Sports Management

Marisa Schlenker

Programme manager and sport for development consultant
Gender equality in sport, sustainable development

Marianne Skopal

Reasearcher at the Competence Center for Social Work (FH Campus Wien)
Inclusion, Sustainability, Education for Sustainable Development



Development Officer at ISCA (International Sport and Culture Association)
Physical activity, mental health, meaningful youth engagement, diversity and inclusion



ITTF Group Head of Sustainability
Sport for development, sustainability
Sandra Zwick



Director European Policy, EU Foreign Trade Promotion, DIHK
Intercultural understanding, Economic Diplomacy, Planning and Organization

Mariann Bardocz-Bencsik

Media Manager at the World Curling Federation
Sport and the SDGs, sustainable sport events, sport media

Gena Sturgon

Training Specialist/ Unified Action Partner, Vertex Aerospace (V2X); PhD Candidate in Peace and Security, Coventry University
Youth empowerment; inclusion and diversity; female empowerment; cross-cultural exchange; youth-adult partnerships; participant-centered facilitation; sport for development and peace

Miikka Neuvonen

Business Advisor, Community Manager at Business Helsinki, Helsinki Education Hub
Startups, major sport events, international networking, olympism, sport technology

Julien Buhajezuk

Fields of expertise - International Sport Events, Executive Education, Olympic Management, Dual Career, Sports Management, Olympic Education

Dr Niki Koutrou

Principal Lecturer, Sport and Event Management, University of Sunderland in London, United Kingdom/ ENGSO Project Manager (BAGS/ CHANGE)
Fields of expertise: volunteering, legacy, sustainability, inclusion, sport events
Sofie Korbee.jpg

Sofie Korbee

NOC*NSF - Corporate Affairs
Program manager International Affairs & Topsport Events

Nicole Barmasse

Legal Counsel - Lega Serie A
Media rights, sponsorship rights, sports law, sports events

Why ENGSO Youth Alumni Club?

To inspire the Alumni community of ENGSO Youth to feel connected to the organisation, to support and advise on the development of ENGSO Youth and to represent and share expert opinion on the ENGSO Youth working fields:

    • Youth empowerment
    • Sustainability
    • Sport diplomacy
    • Health
    • Education&Employability
    • Social Inclusion

Your role in the Alumni Club

    • To support ENGSO Youth in reaching its strategic goals.
    • To enhance the reputation and profile of ENGSO Youth by sharing expertise within and outside of the network.
    • To stay connected with the ENGSO Youth Committee, Young delegates and Alumni Club members.


Who can join the Alumni Club?

    • Former ENGSO Youth Committee members
    • Former ENGSO Youth Young delegates
    • Former ENGSO Youth staff members (If you have been involved with ENGSO Youth for at least 1 year)


List of benefits

For ENGSO Youth:

    • Knowledge Hub;
    • Community;
    • Advocacy channel;
    • Brand awareness; Information and opportunities. 

For Alumni Club members:

    • Connection;
    • Invitations to the events;
    • Ensuring the legacy;
    • Alignment with the career goals;
    • Resources
    • Recognition. 

For Young Delegates:

    • Subject matter expertise development;
    • Mentoring via “Ask me anything” sessions;
    • Information and opportunities;
    • Network development. 

How to apply?

Fill in the application form: click here

Please note, that after filling in the application form you will be enrolled to ENGSO Youth Alumni Club. ENGSO Youth Alumni Club meetings will be organised once per year (online or in physical means). ENGSO Youth newsletter and other possible engagement opportunities will be sent via Alumni Club contact group.