Each year we coordinate and support projects and global project networks. Our expertise is project application writing and management of EU funding. We regularly share training tools for and by young Europeans such as Skills for You(th) through Sport handbook, Sport for Active Citizenship toolkit, COMEin project inclusive sport programmes toolkit and more.

Current projects

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1 January 2023 – 31 December 2025

Physical activity has been shown to have a strong and positive influence on mental wellbeing and as a preventive measure for mental illnesses. Hooray project is designed to present a practice-oriented, research-informed educational remedy for tackling mental health through physical activity and sport. The project will help in understanding the links between physical activity and mental health in adolescents, explore the adolescents’ perception towards physical activity and collect practices from across the EU. 

youth integrity ambassadors programme






Youth Integrity Ambassadors Programme (YIAP) aims to train and empower young people and make them active Ambassadors of Integrity in Sport. The partnership involves 9 partners from 7 countries: Sweden, Italy, Lithuania, Slovenia, Ireland, Portugal, Belgium.





1  June 2022 – 30 November 2023




Say yes to green habits in sport! The main objective of the project is to combine physical activity with “concrete” climate action. The project will use outdoor sports (particularly hiking) as a tool to teach youth, and adults, about the importance of the environmental protection and climate action. Through hiking, the project will also facilitate inclusion and intergenerational exchange.

Best Inclusion




10 June 2022 – 9 June 2025



Led by the European Association of Sport Employers (EASE), the consortium of the “BeST Inclusion” project brings together diverse organisations working on various inclusion issues: total of 12 partners from 9 different European countries. ENGSO Youth was invited to be a part of the project and to share expertise on Youth empowerment.    The project’s aims are to help to achieve an inclusive workforce within the sport sector, by considering the inclusiveness and the diversity of the European workforce around 3 axes: gender, age and disability. 

Past projects

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Explore & Develop: Human Rights Education through sport for young people




14-19 February 2022 in Budapest, Hungary



30 Young people from all over Europe gathered to explore the potential of sport as a tool for education on Human rights. The main goal of the workshop was to support youth and sport organizations to improve their competences and act as a multiplier for Human rights and Human rights education through sports.

You(th) for Sustainable Development




1-6 April 2022 in Palermo, Italy


The “YOU(th) for sustainable sport” project aims to inspire young people to initiate sustainable change in their communities while organizing sport events (such as sport competitions, sport forums, open days in the sport clubs, workshops and other).

Human Rights Education: Testing & Feedback – International Youth Camp





19-26 June 2022 in Portimão, Portugal



“Testing & Feedback – international youth camp” is the second international learning activity of the programme. During the international activity we will focus on putting the developed tools and methods into practice, testing them with the participants and receiving direct feedback from them on how they could be improved to be more applicable and effective.

Human Rights Education: third activity





12-15 October 2022  in Arnheim, Netherlands




After Budapest in February and Portimão in June, young leaders from all over Europe travelled to the sports capital of the Netherlands – Arnhem, Papendal, for the 3rd international activity “Concluding and Strategizing Seminar” of our Human Rights Education through Sport programme.

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Sport for Sustainable Development




1 Jan 2020 – 31 Aug 2021


The  project is a collaboration between 5 partners from 3 continents:  Europe, Africa and Asia. The main goal of the Sport for Sustainable  Development project is to create a platform for the transfer of  knowledge in the field of sustainable development through sport.

Key  activities will be: creation of a training manual for delivering the  SDG workshop, a training course in Tokyo, Japan, visibility and  dissemination activities, youth exchange in Dakar, Senegal and closing  seminar in Paris, France.

SCforH | Sport Clubs for Health




1 Jan 2020 – 31 Dec 2022


SCforH  – Creating mechanisms for continuous implementation of the sports club  for health guidelines in the European Union, is a new project in which  ENGSO Youth is participating as a partner.


The  main objective of the project is to increase the participation in sport  and HEPA in EU by encouraging sports clubs and associations to  implement SCforH principles in their activities. The kick-off meeting  will take place in Zagreb, Croatia, at the beginning of February.