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We coordinate and partner in various projects at a European and international level. Our projects are developed around ENGSO Youth’s five working groups: health, sustainable development, social inclusion, sport diplomacy and education and employability. 


Hooray Project


January 2023 - June 2025

Physical activity has been shown to have a strong and positive influence on mental wellbeing and as a preventive measure for mental illnesses. Hooray project is designed to present a practice-oriented, research-informed educational remedy for tackling mental health through physical activity and sport. The project will help in understanding the links between physical activity and mental health in adolescents, explore the adolescents’ perception towards physical activity and collect practices from across the EU.

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January 2024 - June 2025

YouMind project partners are committed to healthy lifestyles and well-being in the sports community, recognizing the importance of
mental health for young athletes. The sports environment can be a factor in the development of mental health struggles for some young
athletes. Therefore,

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Social Inclusion



February 2024 - December 2025

The project’s goal is to identify and analyse successful local sport policies for enhanced sport participation. This means projects and programs at the local level particularly oriented towards enhanced integration and participation of usually less organized, marginalized segments of society into the practice and the governance of sports. The project is intended to improve participation in sports for those segments of society that are usually underrepresented or excluded.

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Best Inclusion Project 2

Best Inclusion

June 2022 - June 2025

BeST Inclusion Project was created as a follow-up of the ESSA-Sport project. The conclusions led by EOSE highlighted that it was a necessity to work on the inclusiveness of the sport sector workforce in Europe. The project was built to address inclusiveness and diversity under three main topics : gender, age and disability and aims to contribute to a greater inclusion within the sport sector. The general purpose is to produce concrete recommendations and good practices adapted and applicable in the European Union.a

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Human Rights Education Through Sport Programme

Human Rights Education through Sport


The main idea of the Human Rights Education through Sport programme is to support youth and sport organisations as well as sport and youth workers in developing competences to act as a multiplier for human rights and human rights education through sports in their realities. More than 100 young leaders working within and/or with the youth & sport sector from more than 30 countries were introduced to a theoretical context around Sports’ contribution to promote, ensure and advocate for Human Rights. 

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Sustainable development

Move4nature Project


June 2022 - November 2023

Say yes to green habits in sport! The main objective of the project is to combine physical activity with “concrete” climate action. The project will use outdoor sports (particularly hiking) as a tool to teach youth, and adults, about the importance of the environmental protection and climate action. Through hiking, the project will also facilitate inclusion and intergenerational exchange.

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Sport diplomacy

Youth In Action

Youth in Action


Youth participation in shaping sport organisations is vital for democratic societies. While young people actively engage in sports, they lack meaningful roles in decision-making within these organisations. Addressing this disparity is crucial for a more inclusive and diverse sports community.

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Youth Integrity Ambassadors Programme

May 2022-April 2024

Youth Integrity Ambassadors Programme (YIAP) aims to train and empower young people and make them active Ambassadors of Integrity in Sport. The partnership involves 9 partners from 7 countries: Sweden, Italy, Lithuania, Slovenia, Ireland, Portugal, Belgium. 36 young people will test a new educational program built by YSIEC – Youth Sport and Integrity Expert Committee to acquire knowledge and competences on management, digital tools, and values such as democracy, equality and fairness to support their role of ambassadors of integrity and active and responsible citizens at multiple levels. 

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