ENGSO Youth presents HealthyLifestyle4All Youth Ideas Labs during SHARE 2.0 “Promoting mental well-being in and through sport” online seminar

On 2026 June 2024, ENGSO Youth Young Delegate Tabea Werner and ENGSO Youth Alumni Club member Laura-Maria Lehiste presented the European Commission initiative HealthyLifestyle4All Youth Ideas Labs during the capacity-building webinar on “Promoting mental well-being in and through sport” which was organised within the framework of the SHARE 2.0 Community of Practice (CoP) on Health.

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In 2022, both participated in the HealthyLifestyle4All Youth Ideas Labs, Laura-Maria Lehiste as a facilitator and Tabea Werner as a young participant within the mental health group. 


During the presentation of the HealthyLifestyle4All Youth Ideas Labs, Laura and Tabea discussed the mental health related insights from the Youth Ideas Labs that the youth representatives put forward and the work that ENGSO Youth continues in this field – notably with the Hooray! project. Tabea specifically highlighted the broader meaning of mental health: “Mental health is more than the absence of mental diseases. It is rather a continuum from I am not okay, I am suffering to I am okay to I am well, I am flourishing and thriving.”

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ENGSO Youth also shared information about the implementation of the initiative at national level by the Portuguese Institute of Sport and Youth (IPDJ), as well as Sport Austria plans to implement the #BeActive Youth Labs in 2024. 


SHARE 2.0 is an initiative developed by the European Commission with the objective of enhancing the cooperation among sport stakeholders with the aim to  promote regional and local development through sport and physical activity.  The initiative focuses on access to EU funding, health, innovation, and sustainability in the field of sport. The 2.0 edition is the successor to the SHARE initiative, which ran between 2018 and 2023.



This year’s SHARE 2.0 Annual Conference is scheduled on 11th September 2024, 08:30 – 17:00 CET. Key objectives of the conference will be: exploring critical issues facing the European sports sector, facilitating networking and collaboration among SHARE 2.0 members and learning from interesting speakers, and providing a platform for dialogue with European Commission representatives and Members of the European Parliament. 


If interested, it is still possible to join the SHARE 2.0 initiative; learn more here



The capacity-building event brought together the CoP members to expand their knowledge on ways of promoting mental well-being in and through sport, and to hear about good practice examples. It was also an opportunity to hear  about the European Commission’s Comprehensive Approach to Mental Health initiative within the Health Community of Practice. 


ENGSO Youth supports and encourages the implementation of Youth Ideas Labs on the national level.


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