Bringing youth work to health sector: Alumni Club member Laura-Maria Lehiste takes part in YHO Training for Trainers (T4T)

Back in spring (15-21 May 2024), Laura-Maria Lehiste, ENGSO Youth Alumni Club member, took part in the Training for Trainers (T4T): Building Synergies for Better Health training, organised by the International Youth Health Organisation in Lisbon, Portugal.

18 participants from 9 countries participated in the T4T training that aimed to bring the concepts of youth work to the health sector, and vice versa, by educating young people coming from the health sector (students of medicine, psychology, dentists, pharmacy, nursing, and young health care professionals) to become skilled trainers for health and health as a human rights topics.

Yho Laura Group Photo
Yho Training Laura

After the training, Laura shared her experience: “The training for trainers session organised by Youth Health Organization (YHO) was extremely useful for my professional development, since it was a full week dive into the methodological approach of being a trainer, but at the same time the learnings were put into use right away by delivering our own training session in pairs with another participant. I am very grateful for an amazing week of learning about myself, the ways I carry out training, moderation and facilitation sessions and how to improve it in the future. The session also offered special insights into the broad health sector since the participants brought diverse backgrounds of psychology, public health, pharmacology and medicine into the mix and it was just a great knowledge exchange among the participants. We all agreed that the public health sector could benefit from incorporating more non-formal learning methods into their work and hope to contribute to this process by continuing our journeys of becoming accredited trainers!

You can learn more about the T4T training here.

Call for Participants – Study Session “Highway to Wellbeing: Improving Mental Health and Physical Activity of Youth through Human Rights”


The next step for the ENGSO Youth and the International Youth Health Organization (YHO) will be the Study Session “Highway to Wellbeing: Improving Mental Health and Physical Activity of Youth through Human Rights!”.

The study session will take place in Budapest, Hungary, between the 9th and 12th of September 2024. The expected travel days are the 8th of September for arrival and the 13th of September for departure.

Apply here

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