ENGSO Youth shares insight into Hooray project & research at CEREPS Summit in Seville

ENGSO Youth Projects and Partnerships manager Nadica Jovanovik attended the European Council for Research in Physical Education and School Sports (CEREPS) Summit which took place in Seville, Spain, on 24-26 June 2024.

Engso Youth At Cereps
Engso Youth At Cereps 2

CEREPS is a research council working together with national physical education (PE) and sport institutions and European umbrella organisations in PE and youth sports. Their international summit is organised bi-annually under the theme of “The Impact of Physical Activity on Mental Health among children, adolescents and adults”.

During this year’s CEREPS summit, on day one, Nadica Jovanovik had the opportunity to present the first project’s output, the research entitled “What works? Evidence-based guideline regarding physical activity and mental health in adolescents”. 

Besides spotlighting ENGSO Youth’s Erasmus+ partnerships HOORAY, the CEREPS summit also discussed and addressed topics such as:

  • Concepts and Research: Insights from Studies on Physical Activity and Sport for Adolescents in Europe.
  • Meaningful Physical Education: Connections with students’ mental health.
  • Early Childhood Research in Physical Activity, Movement and Games in Europe
  • Concepts and Research: Insights from Studies on Daily Physical Activity for Children in Europe
  • Growing up healthy: Exploring motor development, physical activity, and well- being in early childhood.


Before the summit, ENGSO Youth signed a collaborative agreement with the organisation “For Foundation” to further strengthen the research work implemented within the framework of the HOORAY project. ForFoundation is a non-profit organisation that combines groundbreaking scientific research with community sports programs and holistic health initiatives to elevate physical and mental well-being across societies. 


Learn more about the project: www.engsoyouth.eu/hooray

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