Can you make a big sustainability impact with limited resources? Grassroots sport clubs say yes!

Our online seminar, entitled “Big impact with limited resources – sustainability in grassroots sports clubs” which was held on 15 May 2024 and organised by ENGSO Youth’s Sustainable Development Working Group, discussed how despite the limited resources grassroots clubs usually operate with, they can still make a difference when it comes to sustainability.

We hosted representatives from three European grassroots sport clubs from three different countries – Ivan from Leicester Nirvana football club (UK), Jari from Orienteering Club Trian (Finland) and Lea from Vorwärts Spoho 98 e.V. football club (Germany), who presented their initiatives which make the clubs more sustainable in all three aspects: environmental, social and economic. Holistic approach to the sustainable development of Grassroots Sport is the main aim of  ENGSO Youth indicated in the 2024-2027 strategy. 

The seminar was moderated by Denise Robrade and Anton Klischewski, with the support of Ariadna Moya Guillen, ENGSO Youth Young Delegates.

Ivan Liburd presented their ambition of being net zero and the Sustainable Development Goals strategy Leicester Nirvana is following, focusing on one goal at the time. Their focus is not only environmental sustainability but also social and economic, especially inclusion of vulnerable groups, peaceful communities and prevention of discrimination and racism. 

Jari Johansson from OK Trian explained about their project Carbonwise Jukola Relay, a grassroots orienteering event. Their focus particularly revolves around the environmental pillar of sustainability. Their strategy was to measure all aspects of implementation based on carbon emissions and carbon footprint, with the aim to compare and follow the sustainability progress over the years.

Lea Wippermann from Vorwärts Spoho 98 e.V. shared their strategy to be more than a football club. By establishing the Working Group on Sustainable Development (composed of volunteers), the groups’ mission is to think outside the box and implement sustainable solutions into the club’s functioning.

You can learn more about the good practices by watching the seminar.

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