Seminar: Big impact with limited resources - sustainability in grassroots sports clubs

UEFA EURO 2024 aims to be the most sustainable championships of all time. But let’s put the pro leagues aside, and bring the grassroots sport movement and its race towards sustainability to the table.

Our online seminar, organised by ENGSO Youth’s Sustainable Development Working Group, will discuss how despite the limited resources grassroots clubs usually operate with, they can still make a difference when it comes to sustainability. We will host representatives from three European grassroots sport clubs from three different countries who will explain how small actions can lead to big sustainable changes that benefit the people and the planet.

Wednesday, 15 May 2024

17:00 – 18:30 CEST

Zoom (online)

The seminar will host representatives from three European grassroots sport clubs from three different countries:

Liecester Nirvana

Leicester Nirvana, UK


Logo Vaaka2

OK Trian, Finland

Orienteringsklubben Trian


Name of the project: Viceleader for Jukola 2023 relay


OK Trian is a Finnish orienteering club founded in 2014, whose activities cover summer-, bicycle-, ski- and precision orienteering. Our goal is to offer high-level hobby, training and competition activities to everyone who is interested, within the framework of each individual’s interest and skills. OK Trian focuses on junior and elite orienteering.

Vorwarts Spoho

Vorwärts Spoho 98 e.V., Germany



17:00 Welcome and getting to know the audience 

17:15 Presentation from the clubs:

  • Leicester Nirvana, UK, football
  • OK Trian, Finland, orienteering
  • Vorwärts Spoho 98 e.V., Germany, football


17:50 Moderated discussions with the clubs


18:20 Questions from the audience, wrap-up and next events 

Moderators of the seminar will be Denise Robrade and Anton Klischewski, ENGSO Youth Young Delegates

*The online seminar will be recorded and published on ENGSO Youth and ENGSO channels and website. 


More about ENGSO Youth:


ENGSO Youth is the independent youth body of the European Sports NGO (ENGSO). ENGSO Youth focuses on the youth sport-for-all sector in Europe and represents young Europeans under the age of 35 in sports in more than 30 countries. ​ Since 2002, we have been at the forefront of youth sport advocacy at European level.

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