Busy week in Brussels and beyond: European Youth Week, Committee meeting, EU Sport Forum, Level Up!, CULT Committee

European Youth Week, organised by the European Commission, is a celebration of young people across Europe and promotion of youth engagement, participation and active citizenship. This year it will take place two months prior to the European Parliament elections, from 12-19 April 2024 under the theme of "Voice your vision".

ENGSO Youth birthday

For ENGSO Youth, 12 April 2024 not only marks the kick off the European Youth Week, but also a means celebration of our 22nd birthday, beginning of our annual 2002 challenge and a busy week in Brussels and beyond.

2002 challenge will kick off on 12 April 2024, our birthday and beginning of the European Youth Week, and conclude in May, at the end of the European Mental Health Week, 19 May 2024. 

Level Up!

Our Policy Manager Tiago Guilherme and our Young Delegates, Lucia Gosebrink, Derya Oralogul, Cedric Vermeiren, Michal Cmelik, David Adesanya, Carl Hedin, Marie Halna,  Saskia Effert and Chloe Jordan will be in Brussels for the LevelUp!, 12-13 April 2024, event organised by the European Youth Forum where we will host two events about Human Rights Education through Sport.

engso and engso youth committee meeting

The ENGSO and ENGSO Youth Committees will meet in London, on 12-14 April 2024 for Committee meeting which will be hosted by the ENGSO member Sport and Recreation Alliance. 

EU Sport Forum 2024

The meeting will be followed by the EU Sport Forum, 16-17 April 2024, where ENGSO Youth Chair Ugne Chmeliauskaitė and Policy Manager Tiago Guilherme will be present.  

CULT Committee meeting

And before that, on 9 April, we have already joined the meeting of the European Parliament’s Committee on Culture and Education for a discussion on the ground-breaking initiative #Engaged4YOUth in which Tiago Guilherme presented the work of ENGSO Youth.

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