Youth Integrity Ambassadors Programme comes to an end with a final conference and evaluation course

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Youth participation in sport and success factors for inclusion were two of the key discussion points at the Youth Integrity Ambassadors Programme (YIAP programme) final conference, Evaluation Course and partners meeting which was held in Malmö, Sweden, on 26-28 February 2024. The event was hosted by the ENGSO member The Swedish Sports Confederation, coordinator of this Erasmus+ project.

Young ambassadors and youth workers, which were part of YIAP  since its kick off and  also the key actors of the programme, came together to conclude, discuss, evaluate and present the implemented activities and the results of the project.

Yiap Conference

Evaluation course

The YIAP ambassadors gathered for the second and last time for a chance to share the experience in implementing the local activities with their teammates. A total of 14 activities were held in the partners’ countries involved with the project. The aim of those activities was to promote the discussion about integrity in sport. Different targets and ages were reached, inside and outside of the sport world. All the process, evaluation, challenges, tips and results of such actions will be available on the final YIAP toolkit, aimed to inspire and guide young people and sport organisations in promoting integrity and launched during the Final Conference of the project.


During the Evaluation Course, the ambassadors went again through the training path and the tools that supported their actions. At the end of the two days they identified transferable learnings which will be gathered in a set of recommendations addressed to sport organisations (regional, national, European) and will be soon available on YIAP website.

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About the Youth Integrity Ambassadors Programme

The engagement shown by the Youth Ambassadors during the whole project and in the development of the national actions was remarkable, and the final conference was the occasion to share results of the project and the activities to new stakeholders and people from local sport centres and organisations.


Main guest speakers in the final conference were:

  • Lars Nilsson, from the Swedish Agency for Youth and Civil Society (MUCF),  introducing the mechanisms of youth participation and civic engagement in Europe.
  • Kristina Pekkola, President of the Swedish Judo Federation and Member of the board and Education Director in the European Judo Union,  with an impactful presentation on “Success factors for inclusion”.


OPES and EUSA team with 2 final workshops:  “Walking through Integrity: a step for all, a role play game to understand the point of view of disadvantaged people in sport and society,  and “Inclusion, Importance of youth voices” , with a focus on the importance of youth participation, communication and campaigning.

Yiap Conference 3

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