ENGSO Youth at the ‘Grand Oral’ by ANESTAPS

Author: Valentine Wolfgang

ENGSO Youth (EY) Project and Policy Manager Tiago Guilherme and EY Young Delegate Valentine Wolfgang participated in the Grand Oral in Strasbourg, France, an event organised by ANESTAPS (National Association of French sport students) on February 9th, 2024.

The event took place in the European Parliament in Strasbourg, under the title “Physical activity and sport to meet the European challenges of today and tomorrow” and was divided in two parts. 


During the first session, representatives of four different French political parties who are going to run as candidates for the European Elections 2024 shared their positions and ideas in the field of youth and sport. The candidates were asked to set out their proposals for making Europe more sustainable and accessible for young people to get involved, but also to express their views on the place Europe should give to physical activity, Youth and Sport, including how both sectors could contribute to a greener, more inclusive and accessible Europe. The 120 young people present asked questions about the future of major sports events and their environmental impact as well as the voting turnout of young people at elections and the rise of the far right across Europe.

The second part of the event was marked by the official launching of EYAS (European Youth Alliance in Sports field), an innovative platform for young people engaged in sports across Europe, that aims to further connect and develop cooperation with associations of sport students across Europe. The Alliance was launched by its founding members, ANESTAPS (France) and ANECAFYDE (National Assembly for Students of Physical Activity and Sport Science of Spain). 


More information about the European Youth Alliance in Sports field and ANESTAPS Position Paper on “Physical activity and sport to meet the European challenges of today and tomorrow” can be found in ANESTAPS website here.

Anestap Grand Oral

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