HOORAY partners gathered in Rome, Italy, to confirm the research and discuss the next steps

The second on-site HOORAY project partners meeting took place on 3-4 December 2023, in Rome, Italy, with the aim to discuss and finalise the research outcomes, compendium of practices and disseminations of the project.

During the meeting the partners discussed the main findings and confirmed the first two studies which have been now finalised; 

1) What Works? Evidence based guidelines regarding physical activity and mental health in adolescents – Done by Richard Bailey,

2) Youth voices: how do adolescents perceive physical activities that support mental health – Done by TUM.


Both studies will be published on HOORAY page


The partners also discussed the EU Compendium of Practices on sport programmes for Youth’s (adolescents) mental health. Furthermore many ideas for dissemination of these studies were shared.


We also had two brainstorming sessions where we discussed the guidelines that will be created based on the research done this year and also through interviews with adolescents. We will bring the recommendations from the youth to a practical paper that can be used later on by all stakeholders that implement and organise sport activities for adolescents.

Lastly we discussed the creation of the online knowledge hub. Many ideas were shared for design but also for content.


You can have a deeper look at mentioned work: https://engsoyouth.eu/hooray/

Hooray Partners Meeting In Rome

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