Sport, inclusion and volunteering: Young Delegate Ariadna at the 2nd PlayMore! United International Workshop

From 14-16 September, ENGSO Youth Young Delegates Ariadna Moya Guillén participated in the 2nd PlayMore! United International Workshop "Sport, Inclusion and Volunteering", organised by PlayMore!, ALDA and Milano Sport United organisations. Read about her expeirence.

Author:  Ariadna Moya Guillén

First day:


Me and the other participants of the workshop arrived in the afternoon and after a short presentation we laced up our running shoes and joined the first run of the session of the Runchallenge of PlayMore! The energy of the group was truly inspiring. Participants of all abilities come together, forming groups that include both those with and without disabilities with a common objective: run the next Milan Marathon. 

After the run, we had a chance to recharge and refuel at the AperiPlay, which is the solidarity aperitif hosted by PlayMore!

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2nd Playmore! United International Workshop​

Second day:


Day 2 was for presentations from the various organizations participating in this event, starting with the host United/ PlayMore! Spirit of Football (Germany), FutbolMas (France), Juno (Germany), Yoga & Sport With Refugees (Greece), Escola Secundária de Pinhal Novo (Portugal) as well as ENGSO Youth! It was a day of knowledge sharing, where we had the opportunity to exchange best practices and engage in insightful Q&A sessions. The power of collaboration and learning from one another. Afterwards, we had the chance to explore the beautiful city of Milano.

Third and last day


The last day we immersed ourselves in Sports for all Training, diving into various exciting activities: Futsal, Basketball, Beach Volleyball, Power Training, Boxing. The experience was not only enriching but also loads of fun and excercise!

2nd Playmore! United International Workshop​