Being online? Well-being online? Recap of our DigiSport workshop

Following the DigiSport International Activity, which was funded by the Council of Europe through the European Youth Foundation, and held in Boson, Sweden, earlier in June, we organised a follow-up activity DigiSport online workshop.

During this workshop we tackled and discussed the topics of digital citizenship and digital well-being of youth while highlighting also the discussions, methods and materials created during the DigiSport International Activity.

One of the facilitators of the workshop was our former young delegate Aladdin Rifai and two of our current delegatesChloe Jordan and Cedric Vermeiren. The three of them dug deeper into the topics of digital citizenship competence development and the impact that the time spent online has on today’s youth. The speakers  also introduced and talked about the 2024 European Parliament elections linking it to our main topics of the workshop.


In the first part of the workshop, Aladdin focused on the definition of digital citizenship and the competences for democratic culture developed across 10 digital domains. His presentation was based on the Council of Europe’s handbook about digital citizenship education.

10 digital domains

The second part of the workshop was led by Chloe and Cedric, where they focused on well-being online. Young delegates discussed how technology impacts our well-being and interactions with others, the challenges it brings, the need to find trusted sources of information, and last but not least, how technology can benefit youth and grassroots sport.


Well Being Online

The topic of digital spaces and its impact did not finish with this workshop. It’s one of the more relevant topics for the future; not just for ENGSO Youth but in general, for all young people.

If you want to implement a similar workshop, we have prepared a methodology. Learn more about our suggestions and workshops by clicking the button below. 

Digisport Online Workshop Recap

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