Meet ENGSO Youth 2023-25 Young Delegates

ENGSO Youth Young Delegates programme connects individuals who are willing to take meaningful action and play an important role in advocating and empowering children and young people in the sport for all sectors.

It is a devoted and knowledgeable group of individuals (18-30 years old), committed to using sport as a tool for positive social change. ENGSO Youth Young Delegates contribute to the development of the organisation and are directly involved in ENGSO Youth working groups during their two years mandate.



The Young Delegates programme aligns with the ENGSO Youth Committee mandate. This means that the programme welcomes new participants every two years, starting and concluding in the month of June (after the Committee elections). 



The 2021-23 mandate ended in May, on the occasion of the Youth Assembly in Greece. Over 100 applicants, 50 interviews and 3 internal meetings –  It’s now time to welcome a new group of young leaders who will join one of the five working groups.

Meet the 2023-25 ENGSO Youth Young Delegates

Social inclusion


Amani Rawand Ben Brahim, Hungary/Tunisia 

Cedric Vermeiren, Belgium 

David Adesanya, United Kingdom 

Rosa Havumäki, Finland 

Saskia Effert, Sweden/Germany



Gabija Ščerbickaitė, Lithuania 

Tabea Werner, Germany 

Marie Halna, France 

Denis Diane, Belgium  

Pedro Afonso Valente, Portugal

Sport diplomacy


Lehel Jakab Varga, Hungary 

Valentine Wolfgang, Germany 

Derya Oralogul, Bulgaria 

Carl Hedin, Sweden 

Lucia Gosebrink, Germany

Education and employability


Chloe Jordan, United Kingdom 

Michal Cmelik, Slovakia 

Marie Lou Noirot, France 

Jan Steinmuller, Germany 

Paniz Yousefi, Sweden

Sustainable development

Anton Klischewski – ENGSO Youth Best Volunteer 2021-2023 Award winner, Germany

Konstantinos Rerris, Greece 

David Soldati, Norway/Switzerland 

Denise Robrade, Germany 

Joanna Incorvaja, Malta 

Ariadna Moya Guillen, Spain

What’s next? After an introduction meeting, the Young Delegates will begin their work within the working groups they have applied for. With their knowledge and experience, they will contribute to ENGSO Youth development, events, policy, projects and most importantly – ensuring that Youth has a real say in Sport. 


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