We presented our work at the European Parliament Sports Group Panel on Environmental Sustainability in Sport

For the past few years, we have extensively worked in the field of sustainable development in and through sport. On Thursday, 26 April 2023, our Project and Policy Manager, Tiago Guilherme had the opportunity to present this work, projects, policies and initiatives, at the European Parliament during the Event on Environmental Sustainability in Sport, hosted by the European Parliament Sports Group.

Engso Youth Eu Parliament Sustainability

The aim of the event was to present different approaches, ideas and good practices on how to support sustainable sport. Sharing the youth perspective, Tiago Guilherme was one of the speakers at the first panel on “Good examples of greening in sport”, which was moderated by MEP Tiziana Beghin. Other panellists included Ms Florencia Van Houdt, Head of the European Commission Sport Unit, and Ms Jennie Blackmore, Head of Production for Football and Boxing at Sky Sports 


During the speech, we highlighted our advocacy work; 

  • Ensure effective and meaningful youth participation in decision-making processes 
  • Use clear language accessible to all citizens
  • Further support and develop Education for Sustainable Development
  • Create synergies to foster cross-sector cooperation 


We also presented our work in the field of sustainable development so far, including the past and current projects:

Last but not least, we also highlighted the recent internal sustainability guidelines we have adopted at ENGSO Youth Committee meeting in Munich in February 2023. These guidelines reflect on the environmental impact of our activities and the environmental considerations we have as a youth and sport organisation in areas we have immediate control and impact. As such, our internal guidelines cover matters such as events and campaigns, that often require international travel, but also our digital assets such as the website and our digital database.


Youth-to-youth empowerment and mobilisation presents a unique opportunity for harnessing the knowledge, energy and creativity of young people to advance sustainable development goals and climate action.


This can be achieved through peer mentoring, sharing of knowledge and skills, and fostering open and safe spaces for participation in the sport sector and beyond. ENGSO Youth commits to taking responsibility for empowering and mobilizing young people and is dedicated to using this collective driving force to maximize positive impact on the sport sector, on our society and the environment. Youth must be involved in the planning, implementation and evaluation of public policies in all areas and especially within environmental sustainability in sport. 


Youth is a key stakeholder, therefore, it should be recognised as such at all levels, domains and stages of sports governance. When given the opportunities and support they need, young people are ready to take on leadership roles to advance the sports sector, their communities and countries towards sustainability.

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