Teaching children in India about diversity, inclusion and human rights: Rawand Ben Brahim

During her trip to India in March 2023, Rawand Ben Brahim, our Young Delegate of Social Inclusion, had a unique opportunity to conduct non-formal education workshops at Mandal Parishadprimary School – Singirigunta, in Punganur, a rural town in the Andhra Pradesh state. Rawand stayed in Punganur for a week and worked with children aged between 6-10, conducting workshops focusing on diversity, inclusion, and human rights education.

Rawand India 2
Rawand India 4

One workshop focused on diversity and inclusion, with the children playing a blindfolded game where they were divided into four groups and had to select a blindfolded member to pick up scattered objects on the floor under the guidance of their teammates. Through this game, children learned about leading and being led, raising awareness of life with sight disabilities, and the responsibility we all have to help each other as a community.


During another workshop, the children had the opportunity to explore the importance of education in achieving their career aspirations. The session began with a fun miming game, where the children acted out different professions. This was followed by a discussion where they shared what they want to become when they grow up. Through this discussion, they discovered the crucial role of education in helping them reach their dreams. Rawand then emphasized that education is not only a tool for development but is also a fundamental human right that should be accessible to all. 

Rawand India 3
Rawand India

This was followed with a series of human rights education workshops. Children played “Rabbit’s Rights” activity from Compasito, the Council of Europe manual for human rights education with children. They imagined they had a pet goat (their personal choice of the animal) and they named it Buji. They were asked to think about what the goat needs to be happy, safe, and healthy, and who is responsible for fulfilling those needs. This activity then transitioned into brainstorming about the things that CHILDREN need to have for a happy, safe, and healthy life, and who is responsible for ensuring that. The discussion touched upon human needs as the foundation for human rights, and the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) in particular.


On the last day, the children played an adapted version of the ENGSO Youth game “1, 2, droit” hopscotch game, which was created during the Human Rights Education Through Sports Training in Budapest in 2022. The game aimed to raise awareness of human rights, promote physical activity, and provide an enjoyable, playful, and competitive experience. Before jumping into the numbers and collect their candy, the children had to answer a question related to human rights ( Naming a rights; explaining a concept such as inclusion, discrimination, right, diversity, etc; finishing a sentence like “human rights are…”)

"I am forever grateful for this opportunity. What began as a journey of self-discovery turned into an opportunity to do what I love. I am truly amazed at how happy and eager the children were to participate in the workshops and learn new things, reaffirming my belief that human rights education is essential from a young age. The impact we can make on the world is immense, and I hope that my small contribution has inspired these children to believe in a better future for all.”

Rawand extended a special thanks to the headmaster of the school, Mr. SS Venkata Ramanujam, who warmly welcomed her and hosted the workshops.

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