ENGSO Youth launches European Youth & Sport Platform 2023 & adopts internal sustainability guidelines at meeting in Munich

Following the strategic long term goal to advocate for youth and sport, and simultaneously combat climate change and its impacts through the use of sport, the members of the Committee officially launched a new event – the European Youth & Sport Platform 2023 and adopted new internal sustainability guidelines at the recent meeting in Munich, Germany. 


The meeting took place on 18-19 February 2022, in the Olympiapark premises of the Technical University of Munich. Chair Ugne Chmeliauskaite, Vice Chair Filip Filipić, Committee members, – Iva Glibo, Anett Fodor, and Staff members – Paulina Godlewska, Camila Sobrino, Tiago Guilherme, Nadica Jovanovik, Ringa Baltrušaitė and Polona Fonda participated in the meeting. 


European Youth & Sport Platform 2023


The new ENGSO Youth flagship event – the European Youth & Sport Platform 2023 is confirmed and coming to Stockholm, Sweden, on 1-4 June 2023. Organised by ENGSO Youth, ENGSO and The Swedish Sports Confederation, the platform will present an opportunity to discuss important youth and sport priorities, and gather 18-35 year olds who will engage in workshops, plenary sessions, sport activities and an exhibition fair, while working together to develop a pink paper recommendations for policy-makers and stakeholders in the sport sector.

The European Youth and Sport Platform 2023, event organised on the occasion of the Swedish EU Presidency, will be a 3-day event, gathering a total of 100-150 participants including facilitators and, editorial and rapporteurs’ teams from all over Europe to discuss and work on the most relevant topics to develop sport for youth in Europe. Not a secret – sustainability will be one of the core themes addressed in the event. 

European Youth And Sport Platform

Internal sustainability guidelines


With sustainability guidelines, we will opt for better and more sustainable choices, such as prioritising mobility pyramid with more walking and railway transport for travels of 6 hours and less, vegetarian meals, avoiding the use of plastic, purchasing office tools for sustainable use and considering climate change and sustainability as policy priorities. ENGSO Youth has been developing their work towards more sustainable choices since 2016 and we are glad to announce even stronger commitment in the field.

Engso Youth Meeting In Munich

At the meeting in Munich, the Committee also agreed on the usage of the 2023 budget, discussed preparation of 2024-2026 strategy and upcoming elections (scheduled for 13 May 2023 at Youth Assembly in Crete).

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