Improving the skills & competences of young people to become sport integrity ambassadors

Youth Integrity Ambassadors Programme (YIAP) aims to empower and equip young people with skills to become sport integrity ambassadors to contribute to the promotion of values, foster active participation in sport, and build a culture of integrity at a local level and within the European grassroots sport community. 


The project’s first major activity will kick off at the beginning of 2023, during the year that has been declared as the European Year of Skills.

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In February, 36 young leaders, between the ages of 18 and 25, and representing the projects’ partners, will join the YIAP Training Course to strengthen their skills and competences in the field of sport integrity, shared values, fair play, communication and more. 


The training course will be hosted by the Portuguese Sport Confederation in Lisbon, Portugal, from 9-15 February 2023.


The young participants will be trained in several fields, from entrepreneurship (project management, planning, communication, etc) to sport values such as inclusion, leadership, fair play, transparency, equality and more, with a goal of creating a shared understanding of integrity. 


Besides the training led by the experts, part of the course will be dedicated to the development of local activities that young participants will later implement within their local community, and to communication skills and the programme’s dissemination campaign which will promote the project’s outcomes at the European level. 


The training toolkit, which is being created based on the experiences and good practices from the project’s partners, will be tested during the course. Its aim is to provide sport organisations with resources to improve the knowledge on managing young volunteers and athletes’, and their initiatives, and to strengthen the culture of integrity within, and beyond, the organisation. 


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Youth integrity training course

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