Raising awareness on Human Rights Education through Sport among UK youth

Chloe Jordan was one of the young participants of the 2022 Human Rights Education (HRE) through Sport programme. The programme supported and empowered young leaders and sport organisations to develop competences and knowledge to act as a multiplier for Human Rights and Human Rights Education through Sports.

Chloe Human Rights

Following the participation in the ENGSO Youth HRE through Sport programme, Chloe presented the experience and the activities, including the manual and the games, at the recent Youth Sport Trust Youth Panel. 


As she explained, the HRE programme made her realise the importance of promoting and educating about human rights: “After realising the importance of sharing what the Humans Rights are over the last few months and seeing that you can use sport as a tool to do so, I shared what we have been doing at the Human Rights education through sport workshops with the Youth Sport Trust Youth Panel. This panel is made up of young people across the UK who could use the manual in the work they are doing. Whilst most didn’t know what their Human Rights  are, they left with a better understanding and appreciation. The feedback was very positive and they are looking forward to seeing and using the final manual created.”

Want to learn more about how to use sport to educate youngsters on Human Rights?

Here’s how you can start: read our new manual “Human Rights through Sport”. 

Human Right Sport 2 Manula

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About the Back to Basics – Human Rights education programme:


The main idea of the programme was to support youth and sport organizations as well as sport and youth workers in developing competences to act as a multiplier for human rights and human rights education through sports in their realities. 


More than 100 young leaders working within and/or with the youth & sport sector from more than 30 countries were introduced to a theoretical context around Sports’ contribution to promote, ensure and advocate for Human Rights. With the inspiration of discussions, exchange and their own expertise, participants of the Human Rights Education workshop series, led by ENGSO Youth, created a manual that includes meaningful non-formal education physical activities and exercises with the common goal: to highlight and educate on the power of sport as a tool to promote Human Rights.

Funded by the Council of Europe through the European Youth Foundation.