ENGSO Position Paper on European Sport Model

In 2022, the European Sport Model was a widely discussed topic. The European Parliament had addressed it through a survey and resulting from this, a report on the Future of Sports Policy in Europe. The Council of Europe had addressed it in the update of the Sports Charter. And Europe had heard of it when the European Super League had made an appearance on the news.

These discussions and considerations of the model tend to focus on the pinnacle of the pyramid, the actors and governing bodies within the scope of high-performance sport at a professional level. In light of this, the position paper from ENGSO is timely and relevant.


Drawn up in collaboration with the members, the position paper lays explicitly the focus on the bottom part of the pyramidal structure – the grassroots sport movement. The broad basis on which the model is built. The position paper not only reflects on the reality of grassroots sport in that model but also depicts the relationship and connection to the pinnacle of the sport model. 


We proudly announce the publication of the ENGSO Position Paper on the European Sport Model and invite you all to get to know the model from another angle and the steps forward to safeguard the societal, health-related, and educational added values of grassroots sport. 

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