Human Rights Education Through Sport: Rawand and Isaiah follow up with activities in Budapest

In October 2022, Rawand Ben Brahim and Isaiah Kioiloglou, ENGSO Youth Young Delegates and facilitators of our Human Rights Education Through Sport 2022 activities, managed and led an educational workshop on human rights for young people. The workshop was part of the Youth Exchange organised by Budapest Association for International Sports (BAIS) and held in Budapest, Hungary. 


The Budapest Youth Exchange aimed to explore how sports can be used for human rights education through various tools, methods, and approaches. During the workshop, managed by Rawand Ben Brahim, and facilitated by Isaiah Kioiloglou, the young participants had the opportunity to learn and experience the importance of human rights through the game called (un)level the playing field. The particular game will be featured in our upcoming Human Rights Education Through Sport manual. 

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The Youth Exchange participants also had the chance to get to know the other activities and educational games that were developed by the young leaders who attended our Human Rights Education Through Sport programme, and were tested and finalised during Human Rights Education Through Sport youth camp in Portimao, Portugal. 


Sport is recognised as a powerful tool to facilitate human rights education. ENGSO Youth young delegates are currently working on a toolkit, along with a video manual, that will feature the educational games and activities developed by the participants of the ENGSO Youth’s Human Rights Education Through Sport programme, coming from various countries such as Turkey, Spain, Germany, Poland, Italy, and Hungary.


About the Back to Basics – Human Rights Education Through Sport programme:


The main idea of the programme is to support youth and sport organizations as well as sport and youth workers in developing competences to act as a multiplier for human rights and human rights education through sports in their realities.

“Concluding and Strategizing Seminar” is the third and last international learning activity of the programme. During the international activity we will focus on concluding the manual for human rights education through sport and developing a strategy for its dissemination and extension. The event will serve to close the process, provide a space to finalize the results, plan the next steps and evaluate what has been done throughout the year. 

At the same time during the international activity we can promise a focus on new ideas, connection with  30  youth leaders in sports and showcasing the role of SPORT  to advocate for Human Rights!

Funded by the Council of Europe through the European Youth Foundation.