Guidelines for More Sustainable Local Sports Events for Youth Leaders

Sport organisations are increasingly aware of environmental sustainability when organising their events due to their potential to damage the environment but also the potential to contribute to environmental protection.

Indeed, sport events imply resource consumption, the potential for a massive carbon footprint and the potential danger to flora and fauna of the event host, to name a few potential environmental issues. When organising sport events, the organisers, in addition to taking action to prevent the environmental harms of the event, also recognise that they can use their sport and societal position to reach out to broad audiences to raise awareness and educate communities about environmental sustainability.

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From 1-6 april 2022, young people from all over Europe gathered in Palermo, Italy, for a 4-day educational programme entitled “You(th) for sustainable development”.


The main outcome of the programme is the educational manual, entitled “Guidelines for More Sustainable Local Sports Events for Youth Leaders”. 

This activity was funded by the Council of Europe through the European Youth Foundation.


Read the recap of the international activity 

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