ENGSO Youth at EUSA's European Universities Games 2022

The European Universities Games 2022, the flagship event of EUSA (European University Sport Association), are taking place in Lodz, Poland, from 17th to 30th July 2022. ENGSO Youth was there to present and lead the interactive workshop on soft skills development through sport volunteerism.

Our project manager Christian Saleh Hajj and Young Delegate Isaiah Kioiloglou travelled to Lodz to represent ENGSO Youth at the European Universities Games 2022. During the volunteering conference they presented our flagship Young Delegates programme and led one of the many interactive workshops the event offers. 


The workshop focused on young volunteers and revolved around the topic of personal and soft skills development through volunteerism in sports. Fifteen young people joined and engaged in various educational activities to get an insight into soft skills development such as positive attitude, communication skills, adaptability skills, time and energy, work ethic, problem solving skills, teamwork and leadership skills.


Read more about the workshop here

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