Fostering Inclusion Through NETworking & Sport in Martinique

David Jane, a young physical education and sport scientist who took part in our Human Rights Education activity, travelled to Martinique to represent ENGSO Youth in the training course called “Training Course F.I.T.-NetS (Fostering Inclusion Through NETworking & Sport)”.
For David, the course was an opportunity to expand his knowledge on inclusion, working with youth and Erasmus+ projects.
“As far as the project is concerned, it has introduced me to the world of Erasmus+ projects and its wide range of opportunities. Meaning that all the participants that were invited, had the chance to introduce their sending organisations and create bonds and alliances between them. I saw it happening, some of the people were already creating bonds for the future, coming up with new ideas and creating the bases for new projects together,” shared David when asked what his experience was like.
David is a young professional who studied Physical Education and Sport Science in INEF. He has been working in the sport sector for several years, as a sailing teacher with kids, school basketball team trainer with youth, including youngsters with disabilities. He is actively contributing to activities and events organised by ENGSO Youth in various areas, including Human Rights Education through Sport (with a focus on Inclusion of Young people from disadvantaged backgrounds).