Impact of digital technologies on grassroots sport with the focus on Artificial Intelligence

Threat or opportunity?


Opinions on the digitisation of the sports industry differ widely, however, there is a general compromise among the stakeholders that “sitting out is not an option”

Many people argue that digitisation has drastically improved the sport experience for all the actors involved. For professional sport, fans usually consumed sporting events on traditional television just like they did other TV programs. 



The modern fans, particularly young people, are consuming sporting events on-demand just the way they consume all their entertainment on streaming services (e.g. Netflix, YouTube, Twitch etc.). They want to pause, rewind, forward, and enjoy their sport events with complete flexibility. Naturally, sports event organisers, being aware of the risk that these platforms pose to live game attendance, are looking for new mechanisms to improve the live experience and attract a younger audience.



Are digital technologies in grassroots sport, with the focus on Artificial Intelligence, a threat or an opportunity? 



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