ENGSO and ENGSO Youth sign a “HealthyLifestyle4All initiative” pledge

ENGSO Secretary General Sara Massini and ENGSO Youth Chair Ugne Chmeliauskaitė signed a pledge, committing to actively contribute, as a grassroots sport partner, to the European Commission’s new initiative HealthyLifestyle4All.
The initiative was officially launched by the Commissioner Mariya Gabriel, on 23 September, in Bled, Slovenia, on the occasion of the opening of the European Week of Sport 2021.

Healthy Lifestyle 4 All Pledge

Healthy Lifestyle 4 All is a two-year campaign which will present the European Commission’s commitment to promoting a healthy lifestyle across generations and social groups. The initiative has three pillars: awareness, access and holistic approach.
As representatives of sport organisations, ENGSO and ENGSO Youth pledged to co-create the initiative and promote healthy lifestyles amongst generations and across social groups.
“By signing the Healthy Lifestyle 4 All initiative, we commit to ‘work for youth from youth’ by focusing on the aspect of health which has been greatly affected during the pandemic – the mental health of young people. Our aim is to lead by example , organise inclusive sport activities and activate young people to put more focus on their mental well-being and become physically active on daily basis.”
Ugne Chmeliauskaitė, ENGSO Youth chair
ENGSO Youth pledged to promote the importance of mental and physical health-enhancing sport activities among young people, and to activate youth to become active and strengthen their mental and physical health through inclusive sport activities.

Healthy Lifestyle 4 All Pledge Signature

“Public health is a domain of several actors, including the grassroots sport sector, from national and regional sport organisations to local sport clubs. I am honoured that ENGSO will contribute and co-create the new European Commission’s initiative Healthy Lifestyle 4 All. As a representative of the grassroots sport sector, with members from 32 countries, we will commit to promote the importance of inclusive and equal access to sport and physical activity for healthy lifestyle and mental well-being of people of all ages, with various backgrounds and from all social groups.”

– Stefan Bergh, ENGSO President


ENGSO pledged to create a concrete training dedicated to coaches at grassroots level in order to enable them in seeking the protection and promotion of mental wellbeing in sport to facilitate the access to sport to people with migrant backgrounds and foster their inclusion in society.

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