Inclusion through sport; Aladdin Alrifai shares SIFI best practises in Budapest

The participants of the Youth exchange “Active is Fun”, which took place in Budapest, Hungary,had the opportunity to learn and experience several exercises which helped raise their awarenessabout the inclusion of people with disabilities through sports.
ENGSO Youth Young Delegate Aladdin Alrifai introduced those activities as a Step In For Inclusion (SIFI) follow up event.
With a help youth project coordinator from the Budapest Association for International Sports, Aladdin shared some of thebest practices which were introduced during the SIFI international activity and led the participants to design inclusivegames, tailored for people for various disabilities.
The participants also tested the games, reflect on their experiences, and discussed the challenges people with disabilities face on daily basis.
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The participants also took part in the “SEE US AND SHOW! WITH US integration sports day in Budapest” that tookplace on Saturday, 11th September. The event held several activities for visually impaired, people with motor disabilities,and more.
As a result, the participants came up with several ideas of dissemination activities and projects they would like toimplement to increase the awareness about Paralympics and inclusion through sports.