"We are not only changing their lives, they are also changing ours."

Rawand Ben Brahim, one of the Step In For Inclusion (SIFI) project participants, led a follow-up event, through which she presented the best practices to tackle the discrimination – with sport as a tool.


During the partnership building activity “Dissolving Discrimination through sports” in Guimaraes, Portugal, Rawand presented ENGSO Youth, SIFI manual, and shared her learnings from the activities she attended in Lisbon, Portugal.


“We are not only changing their lives, they are also changing ours too”, shared Rawand, explaining what the highlight of her work with people with disabilities was.


Before sharing her experiences in Portugal, Rawand also attended an Erasmus+ project in Konya, Turkey.


“We had a volleyball tournament, but because I hurt my back two days prior to the event, I was not able to play the “usual” volleyball with everyone. But there was a girl who felt and hurt her knee, so I got the idea of teaching the participants about the sitting volleyball (some of them have never heard of it), and we played it! We had so much fun and other people started to join us. I explained to them how this is an inclusive game and they said they will pass it on to others”.